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There are three easy-to-understand stages that we follow when collaborating with customers to improve their image and print capabilities.

This process is explained in the the detailed breakdown below.

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Optimise Infrastructure

Getting you the right devices, in the right places and at the right price

Following an evaluation of your existing fleet, in addition to an assessment of your current print volumes and toner usage, our expert solutions architect will design a tailor-made sustainable fleet proposal for your organisation. Providing a combination of existing devices as well as subsidised replacements, our proposals will include spacial planning and consolidation options that aim to minimise the impact upon and strengthen your current working practices.

Manage Environment

Integrating a range of management solutions that make life easier, providing additional control over your fleet

In this stage, we are able to embed the following features into your fleet that aim to streamline your workflow:

Automatic Print Consumables Replenishment

Replacing the need to manually order toners and print consumables, we put in place an automated replenishment system for your fleet. Remotely tracking your print and consumables usage via a customer portal, we automatically respond to triggers that alert us when your consumables are running low.

Remote Maintenance and On-Site Support

Should a device ever require maintenance or repair, we are able to perform diagnostics remotely. Following this, our experienced and qualified HP engineers are able to provide on-site support as part of the service.

Security Policies and Features

We create security policies and use templates for continuous monitoring and application on your fleet.
In addition to these policies, we also offer a range of security features that can be incorporated into your plan, these include:

  • Usage quotas
  • Print rules
  • Policy enforcement
  • Access restrictions
  • Job Accounting (Reporting and Cost Centre allocation)
  • Secure Pull Printing with Job Release via cards, PIN and other methods.

Environmental Policies

In addition to the above security features, we are also able to create and apply environmental policies that manage the fleet in a way that progressively reduces your carbon footprint.

Up-to-Date Firmware

We ensure you always have access to the latest capabilities and enhancements via fleet management software that updates your device firmware with no disruption to the working day.

Improve Workflow

Integrating your fleet into your organisation’s day-to-day processes

Once installed and set up, we are able to tightly integrate your fleet into your organisation’s business processes. Whether this includes automating workflow processes, scanning documents directly into your content management systems or providing seamless and secure print capability for mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones), HP’s print and MFP technology is designed to plug into most organisation’s eco-systems.

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